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Ukraine Relief Donations

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Ukraine Relief: Welcome

Our Mission


Your donations will go directly to help refugees from Ukraine. Many of them lived in Kyiv and other occupied cities and didn't have the means to evacuate. Since the start of the war, a group of volunteers has been doing their best to help these dislocated families. However, due to the high danger of attack from Russian troops on major highways, evacuation is more successful in smaller groups of people.


The donated money goes directly to the volunteers in order to:

  • Purchase the fuel for generators in regions without power

  • Purchase essential items such as medicine, diapers, and toiletries

  • Purchase food, water, emergency rations, and infant formula

  • Outfitting temporary hostels


The refugees are transported to transitional centers where they are housed for a short time. Local churches and schools with basements have been transformed into makeshift shelters and have been outfitted to house multiple families, serve as bomb shelters and temporary hostels. Once transportation has been arranged, the refugees are driven to one of several border crossings, where they might be able to leave the country.


Due to a mandate in Ukraine, most male citizens aged 18 - 60 are not allowed to leave the country. Once the families get to the border, the men stay behind to provide further humanitarian aid or fight while the rest of the family crosses over to a neighboring country.


The road out of the country is difficult for everyone involved, however children are especially vulnerable at this time. During this transitional period they are separated from one of their parents. Since most of the men have to stay behind, their spouses and children are left to fend for themselves and need any available financial support.

Ukraine Relief: Projects


Venmo - @Tamara-Pavlenko - 253 326 2583

Paypal - - 253 326 2583

Zelle - - 253 326 2583

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